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Which foam for sound insulation

Which foam material should I use for sound insulation?

For sound insulation to the outside (i.e. the insulation of walls, ceilings, doors, machines, etc.) you will require mainly high-mass foam materials. This rules out convoluted or pyramid foam materials, as sheets made of these foam materials only tend to reduce the echo within a room, but are not particularly good as insulating to the outside. We therefore offer two suitable types of foam material especially for insulation: our light grey ester foam material and our heavy composite foam material.

 Ester foam material as sound insulation

Our ester foam material weighs around 30 - 35kg/m³ (cubic metres!) and is therefore quite a heavy foam. A great advantage of this foam material is that you can place the sheets in areas that will be seen due to their light grey colour. The sheets also impress with their extremely fine pores which increase the surface area and thus optimise absorption.

 Composite foam material as sound insulation

Our composite foam materials are better suited for noise insulation as they weigh in at 120kg/m³ (cubic metres) - the foam material sheets are thus around 4 times heavier than our ester sheets and therefore provide significantly better insulation. Our composite foam material therefore provides the best noise insulation that we have to offer. A disadvantage of this foam material type is that the sheets are always speckled and the colour varies from sheet to sheet. This is due to that fact that, in order to achieve their high weight, we need to tightly compress and stick together the foam material remnants. The resulting colour is then dependant on which remnants are used. The sheets are therefore only suitable to a limited extent for areas which will be seen, but are excellent as insulation between walls, as footfall sound insulation or as padding or exercise mats when provided with an appropriate coating.