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Anti-vibration mats, anti-slip mats 60cm x 60cm x 3cm

Our self-produced anti-vibration mats consist of compressed rubber particles. The high density or strength creates an inertia which insulates vibrating equipment such as washing machines, compressors, fitness equipment such as treadmills, whirlpools, etc. excellently and significantly reduces vibrations. The mat is simply placed under the corresponding device or machine - job done. Since the mats are also very non-slip, there is hardly any danger that the insulated device can continue to move on the floor. The mats are also often used as working surfaces (cushions for the knees or back). The mats do not absorb any water, as they are made of rubber granulate or simply release the little water that may be absorbed.


Technical Specifications 

  • Rubber granulate mat
  • Dimensions 60 cm x 60 cm x 3cm
  • Tensile strength:  0.60 N/mm² 
  • Elongation at break:  45% 
  • Compressive stress at 25% deformation:   0.7 N/mm²
  • Temperature resistance: -40ºC to about 120ºC
  • Fire behaviour: Class B2 DIN 4102
  • easy to cut to size with a carpet knife



You may place your order for just one plate alone - we have no minimum order values. In order that you are able to calculate the shipping-costs, we are going to inform you in the following about, how many plates of this type fit maximum in one package. You may order various mixed plates. Also - the shop automatically calculates the appropriate shipping price for you.

Up to 9 of these plates fit in each packageMore information.

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