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Foam rubber sheet 100 x 100 x 0,5cm

Foam rubber is a very fine close-celled cellular rubber produced from natural rubber. We manufacture foam rubber to a particularly high standard so that the service life is as long as possible, even for tough requirements. We not only offer you standard forms which you can order here directly in the shop, but also individual cuts (press cuts, moulded parts etc.) - you can request these via e-mail.


Technical data

  • Foam rubber EPDM
  • Dimensions: 100cm x 100cm x 0.5cm
  • Colour: black
  • Cell structure: closed
  • Density 140kg/m³ (+- 25kg/m³) according to DIN 53420
  • Shore hardness: 40
  • Compression hardness at 25% deformation: 35 - 63kPa according to DIN 53577
  • Water retention: approx. 3% according to ASTM 1056
  • Compression deformation test:



You may place your order for just one plate alone - we have no minimum order values. In order that you are able to calculate the shipping-costs, we are going to inform you in the following about, how many plates of this type fit maximum in one package. You may order various mixed plates. Also - the shop automatically calculates the appropriate shipping price for you.

Up to 10 of these plates fit in each package. More information.

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