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Visco-Topper - Visco-elastic covers 10 x 2040 x 5cm

Absolute high-tech visco topper. Professional and high-quality viscoelastic foam layer. You can simply place this pad on an existing mattress and enjoy a unique sleeping and lying feeling. The foam reacts to body heat and adapts optimally to your individual body shape within a few seconds and provides a "floating" feeling.

Advantage of use:  The function of your mattress remains 100% (e.g. if you have different lying areas). The visco layer is an additional comfort with which you can optimise your reclining position - simply and above all at a bargain price.


Information regarding this mat

  • High-tech foam, Visco-Topper
  • Dimensions:  140 x 200 x 5cm
  • Volume weight:  50 kg/m³
  • Tensile strength > = 70 kPa
  • Compressive stress 1.8 kPa +- 15%
  • Elongation at break > = 140%
  • Recommended body weight: under 80 kg
  • Colour: white-yellow
  • ultraflexible
  • reacts to heat
  • adapts optimally to body contours
  • simply place on existing mattress
  • bargain price



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