• Over 350.000 customers
  • 10,000 m² of production and storage space
  • Quality from the manufacturer since 2001
Our Service
Our Service

We not only want you to be absolutely satisfied as our customer, but that you can order from us with a good feeling in advance. We were allowed to supply over 350,000 customers - private customers, corporate customers and companies at home and abroad in recent years. In doing so, we pay attention to perfect advice, top quality of the products, economical prices and, if something goes wrong, a rapid complaints processing system. We offer you further supporting arguments below, which make a case for your secure shopping with us.



Security during your payment

Our payment systems are absolutely secure. We don’t just offer the usual modes of payment such as prepayment, collection on delivery or delivery on account for certain customer groups, but also offer payment via Paypal or by credit card using Worldpay or sofortüberweisung.de. These payment processes are encoded with SSL (recognisable by the "https://” abbreviation in your browser line on the provider’s site). It is virtually impossible for your sensitive data to be lost or accessed by third parties.



Data protection

Data protection - absolute security of your contact data

We are pleased to announce that we have already supplied products to over 350,000 customers. We retain the addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of every customer. This data is stored on an external server on our premises and is protected against external access. We are legally required and naturally also guarantee never to transmit your data and to use it only to establish contact, deliver the goods and in the event of queries relating to a warranty claim.



Online package tracking

Online package tracking after shopping with us

After shopping with us, we will e-mail you the data for package tracking. Thus you can see when we dispatched the delivery to our shipping service provider and where it is at the moment.


schaumstoff grosshandel

You receive directly from the wholesaler

We deliver not only to industry, commerce and the state, but also to private customers. And that throughout Europe with cheap shipping costs via parcel post. 


Fast delivery


Fast delivery

We deliver promptly and reliably - most of our articles are immediately available from us ex warehouse.


smallest quantities

We deliver from the smallest quantities upwards

You can order a minimum of one sheet from us and do not have to purchase any packaging units. We can also deliver larger orders over 1000m² within a very short time.


high quality

Long service life and high quality

We pay attention to high quality and durable products - this is the be-all and end-all for acoustics - what good is a cheap foam, which does not perform as required while mounted on the wall. 




We are inexpensive

We are very inexpensive for the quality offered - even for the transports costs, we charge only the costs which actually accrue for packaging, personnel and transport.



Made in Germany

All our products are "Made in Germany"

Our products result from a long manufacturing process. You do not recognise where and under what circumstances foams or similar products were manufactured. Unfortunately, there are dealers who still obtain these products from areas in which the working conditions are miserable and the environment is severely damaged by usage of CFCs. We guarantee that all our products, in each individual step, are manufactured completely in Germany (except our Auralex products, which are manufactured in Spain and the US). Thus you can be sure that you will obtain an absolute quality product for which you will have no doubts as to its origin or service life.


Expert advice

Expert advice

We offer expert advice via e-mail.


complaints handling

Rapid complaints handling

If things go wrong, you can be sure of a rapid complaints processing system at home and abroad with one of the largest shippers of acoustic materials in Germany.


Steady corporate growth

Steady corporate growth

We have experienced steady growth since the founding of our company. We supply state facilities, companies and groups as well as private customers.





...is an important issue for us. We ensure that all suppliers supply materials from the immediate vicinity to our warehouse. Thus we avoid long shipping routes and protect the environment as a result due to less CO² pollution. Our shipping to our customers is carried out in a carbon-neutral manner!