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Shipping & Returns

Shipping costs / Payment options

The shipping-costs may be found out by you direct at the article descriptions. You may place your order for just one article alone - we have no minimum order values. How many articles fit in one package, depends on the articles itself. However, the shop calculates the correct shipping-costs for you at any time.  You may order various mixed products, too.

We ship to the following countries (price for each package):

Payment options

1. Prepayment by bank credit transfer

You will receive an email after you confirm your order which will contain all the necessary data, such as customer number and invoice number, your delivery address, the articles you have ordered, the total amount, plus our bank details. After we receive payment we will dispatch your articles as quickly as possible and inform you by email that we have received your payment.


2 Paypal – The New Online Payment Generation


Following the confirmation of your purchase you will be directly transferred to Paypal so that you can transfer the invoice amount immediately, on a real-time basis, into our Paypal account. The money transfer is registered immediately with us, making a very fast dispatch possible. You can also easily pay with your credit card as well, even if you do not have a paypal account.


3. Invoices for State or Church establishments

Ordering on account is solely available for State and Church establishments only. You will receive the delivery and then pay the invoice amount within the stipulated time frame noted in the invoice.