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Cutting foam

Cutting foam - this is how to do it

Schaumstoff zuschneidenFoam can be easily cut to size.Here we describe how to do this.There are different types of foam, and therefore different cutting methods may be appropriate for each. 


Cutting PU foam, ester foam, polyethylene or foam rubber

PU foam, ester foam, polyethylene or foam rubber or other softer or flexible foams or rubber-like materials are best cut with large scissors. With increasing thickness, however, this becomes increasingly imprecise. You can best cut thicker foam plates with an electric knife (e.g. electric bread knife). This applies to all softer foams. For lower thicknesses you can still use a cutter, which does not cut as precisely with softer foams in general.


Cutting Basotect foam


For our foam made of Basotect, which is also soft but stronger than normal PU foam, a wallpaper knife or cutter knife is best suited. It sure is easy to cut. If you still have a template, you can even cut very precisely by hand. Our Quash is very strong: you can also cut this foam with a sharp blade with a lot of force, but should entrust us with the cutting here, because we can perform very precise cuts.


Cutting foam with hot wire

We do not recommend this. We hear it from our customers over and over again, but since some types of foam are flammable, it can be dangerous. In addition, you will probably burn the foam using such a method. Foam can best be cut by you with scissors, cutters or an electric bread knife.


Cutting foam with a water jet

This works very well and we often do this for form cuts - but these machines are as large as an entire living room and you're hardly likely to have one lying around at home. However, if you have the option of using such water jet cutters - go ahead - they can be used to cut all kinds of foams very well.