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Guide to the Quality of Foam

One foam is the same as another, isn’t it?!  No, no more than “one car is the same as another". Take 5 minutes to read this guide - it is highly likely that it will help you to avoid an unwise purchase.


Important information in advance on our own behalf:

Our foam is manufactured to a high standard of quality, has barely any scent, has a particularly long service life and is also highly absorbent due to its high manufacturing quality. Compare our quality with that of other providers and see for yourself.

Below you will find information on what to look for when purchasing your foam materials. The cheapest option is not necessarily nor is it usually the best option. We therefore provide you with the relevant information before you buy so that you are not put in the position of discovering that the “affordable” foam material that you have spent your money on only goes partway to resolving your problem, or doesn’t help at all.


It is often unclear to customers why, for example, two pyramid foams or convoluted foams etc. with the same dimensions have different prices.  In the meantime, you can buy foams nearly everywhere - there are many reputable dealers who offer quality products to customers and, unfortunately, there are even more dealers who have no idea about offering foam on the Internet, who take advantage of the fact that many customers are very inexperienced in this area and sell them the wrong foam while providing brief and unfortunately often incorrect advice - the main thing is that the deal is done because the customer cannot return the foam anyway once it has been installed.

There are quality criteria that, for example, are obvious from the description, but there are also those which you cannot see and where you have to rely on the dealer’s word - you should also have your doubts about very cheap offers because the quality in such cases is often very inferior or the foams are produced in a dubious manner.

You should consider the following


An important quality feature is the density of the PU foam, which simply indicates how much material you will get for your money. The higher the density, the less air is contained in the foam. The acoustic benefit also increases greatly up to a certain level of density. Products made of Basotect are the exception here because this special foam has enormous absorption properties even with very low density.

On the other hand, high and very high densities are important for sound insulation, whereby mass must oppose the sound to achieve as much insulation as possible - convoluted or pyramid foams are also more suitable, contrary to the often incorrect statements of relevant dealers, for attenuations in the interior space rather than for insulation.


Air pockets in foam - you usually cannot see these because they are in the foam, but more air pockets than usual are often found in very cheap foam. Compare this to bread at the bakery: If he uses less dough, he saves money - the bread roll looks from the outside like any other bread roll, but the “airy bread roll” is clearly of inferior quality. But at least you can check this at the bakery - you don’t usually see this, as mentioned above, with foam. Thus you pay, for example, 30% less for the bread roll, but get 50% less material.


Cut and forms - there are differences (also measurable differences) between the respective pre-cut parts and proportions of the cuts. Is the pyramid or convolution particularly high? Is the base of the foam very thin? And in addition to these obvious criteria, there are those which one often does not see as an inexperienced customer - the pyramid or convoluted cut. We have performed repeated acoustic measurements over the years and have thus further optimised the forms and proportions to further perfect the sound absorption.


Where does the foam which you are going to buy come from? Naturally, from a dealer in Germany, but where was the foam originally foamed? There are countries in Europe which manufacture foams at the lowest possible price and do so at the expense of the environment or the employees or even both.


Service life and durability. Higher quality foam will also last significantly longer. Each foam has a certain service life, which is influenced by weather, UV radiation, moisture, etc.  A cheaper foam can disintegrate after only a fraction of the service life of a higher quality product or the already lower absorbency can decrease further. You can quickly buy twice, but then you are guaranteed to spend more money than if you chose a quality product to begin with. You know this already from other areas of life -  it is no different here.


About us

Naturally, we would be delighted if you chose our products and we would also like to promote them at this point.  We have been in the market since 2001, were one of the pioneers on the Internet and have specialised in acoustic solutions made of foam. We have continually improved our range, have already handled and tested virtually all materials and thus have not even offered useless articles, which were perhaps cheap, but which did not provide a suitable solution.  For years, we have been optimising our products and performing measurements with the latest methods, for example, to be able to offer acoustic foams which provide the expected performance. We offer only articles which are guaranteed to help you and promise you nothing, for example, during a consultation, of which we are unconvinced. Furthermore, we have "Made in Germany" quality - from the origin of the goods to the sale.