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How to mount foam

You can easily mount foam because it is very light compared to other materials such as wood, metal or plastic. There should be few static problems. Foams are usually adhered. For customers who want to avoid residues on surfaces (rental property, etc.), there is our hook system with which you can also simply suspend our firmer foams such as Basotect, for example. Read more about the various mounting options below.


1. Adhering

Foams are usually adhered. Double-sided adhesive tape is, unfortunately, unlikely to hold in most cases. All the self-adhesive foams in our ranges are very easy to mount - here, you just pull off a protective film at the back and can thus adhere the foam to virtually all dust and grease-free surfaces. Alternatively, you can also order from us separate adhesive such as spray adhesive or mounting adhesive - the mounting adhesive is applied by means of putty on the wall or ceiling and the foam sheets are then pressed briefly - they hold immediately. The heavier the foams, the more adhesive you need naturally.

2. Inlay systems for stiff foams like Basotect or Quash

With our premium product Basotect, you have the option of dispensing with adhesive if you have installed relevant inlay systems on the ceiling or on the walls and can simply insert the sheets there - Basotect is stable in shape and does not bend compared to other foams.

3. Suspending foams by means of hooks (for example, for our Basotect)

You can simply suspend Basotect by means of our hook system. In this case, you need only our hook sets, which you simply screw into the foam. You also need hooks from the hardware store, which you drill into the wall. You can then stretch a rope (made of nylon or steel) across the room and suspend the Basotect foams with the hooks. Thus you minimise soiling or wear and tear of ceilings and walls due to adhesive residues, but have only small holes in the walls, which you can simply seal again when dismantling. However, this is only suitable with firmer foams in which you can also screw our hooks - you will have problems screwing the thread of the hook system into the foam with very soft foams.

4. Alternative mounting options

...there are only a few - you can also nail or staple the sheets, but they will rarely hold well or look well. Adhering certainly requires the least effort. Our adhesives are water soluble - if you want to dismantle the sheets again, you will naturally find residues on the subsurface, but it should be possible to remove these well with some water and a spatula.