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Toxicity and care

Foam materials are not hazardous to your health, as the chemical processes are naturally complete after manufacture and we do not ship the sheets until this has been confirmed. The scent of the foam material is inevitable, but this is quickly neutralised over time.

Ensure the following

1. Air the material well
When you install the sheets you will naturally detect a different scent in the room. The strength of the scent depends on how long ago the sheet was manufactured. Air the room thoroughly and often at the start. The scent of the sheets will quickly neutralise.


2. Pay attention to the adhesive
The sheets are generally adhered to walls and ceilings. The adhesive also has a distinct scent, which in the event of extended inhalation is hazardous to your health. The same also applies: ventilate, ventilate, ventilate – the scent will quickly diminish and ultimately vanish entirely. If you are using our self-adhesive sheets, reduce the adhesive portion to the minimum amount required, as the adhesive will be automatically be applied wafer-thin.

3. Pay attention to moisture
This is not a problem specific to foam material, but rather a general issue when covering walls: always ventilate the room properly after use – natural condensation will form from respiratory air, especially if a lot of people are in the room and the room is small. Mould may form if the room is often moist and if appropriate ventilation is not ensured. As mentioned above, this is not a specific problem that arises from the installation of foam material, but applies for all rooms with a higher-than-average moisture content.