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Foam made of Basotect boadband absorber 100x50x12cm white

Foam made of Basotect is an exellent insulation guzzler. It reduces noise and resonance enormly within a room (or a hall) and ensures a quiet surrounding. Also the maximum fire protection in this building material class, is especially to be pointed out - as foam made ofBasotect without adhesive layer meets the important DIN standard Din4102 B1 (flame restistant) and thus can be applied virtually allround.


 Data of these plates

  • Foam made of Basotect botadband absorber
  • Dimensions: 100 x 50 x 12cm
  • Especially for low frequencies
  • Fire behaviour per DIN 4102 B1 (fire resistant, FMVSS 302, UL VO + HF1
  • Non fading, won´t become yellow
  • Extremly airy
  • Filigreen, open-cell structure
  • Colour: white
  • Doesn´t shade rooms
  • Thermal condictivity approx. 0,035 W/mk
  • Temperature application aea: - 40°C up to +150°C
  • Density: approx. 9Kg/m³  


Foam made of Basotect broadband absorber

Our broadband absorber is an extremely lightweight absorber-element, at which a porous absorber of moldable, open-cell flexible foam has been combined with a resonance absorber. Thanks to his minorconstruction depth, an optimal acoustic is given at cramped space proportions, as well.

Absorption-values of our broadband absorbers in comparison

  100Hz 125Hz 160Hz 200Hz >315Hz
12cm 28% 40% 49% 62% >100%
24cm 74% 91% >100% >100% >100%




Example applications

  • Engine bays
  • Industry halls
  • Rehearsal rooms
  • Industrial facilities  
  • Recording studios
  • Music rooms
  • Home cinema
  • Other resonance reductions
  • And more...



You may place your order for just one plate alone - we have no minimum order values. In order that you are able to calculate the shipping-costs, we are going to inform you in the following about, how many plates of this type fit maximum in one package. You may order various mixed plates. Also - the shop automatically calculates the appropriate shipping price for you.

Up to 2 of these plates fit in each package. More information.