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Call Centre, Office, Conference Room

Medium and high frequencies (voices, telephones, photocopiers, etc.) are often disruptive for call centres or offices / open-plan offices. Most of all, you do not want to subject the customer on the phone to a “warehouse atmosphere" due to high reverberation times in the room or you want to acoustically optimise the working environment for the employees. The sound waves produced by telephones, voices, etc. encounter concrete, glass or tiles and are reflected up to almost 100%. As a result, the noise level “rises" steadily. To avoid this problem, we offer flexible foams which absorb the incident sound and no longer reflect it.

In such premises, you usually may only adhere flame-retardant foams (DIN 4102 B1) for fire protection reasons – thus only our acoustic foam made of Basotect is possible. The ideal sheet thickness for you is at least 3cm, but 5cm is better.

The sheets are usually adhered to the ceiling  - either the entire surface of the ceiling or at least 50 – 60% of it to drastically reduce the resonance. Alternatively, you can also adhere the walls or hang the sheets from the ceiling by means of nylon threads directly over the respective workplaces.  If you do not cover the ceiling completely, you should make sure that you distribute the sheets evenly in the room so that the room acoustics are then also homogeneous. If the ceiling height exceeds 3 m, we recommend a sheet thickness of 5 cm. If the rooms are particularly high (4 m or higher), it also makes sense to use our baffles, cylinders or cubes made from Basotect and to suspend these from the ceiling by means of nylon threads. You should suspend one article here for each 2 - 3 m².


Häufige FragenFAQ

Here, you will find the most frequently   asked questions by customers 



BrandschutzFire Protection

Fire protection is an important issue when   installing acoustic foam sheets.



HallreduzierungnResoance Reduction

The quality of the acoustic foam is largely responsible for its absorption behaviour.



LärmdämmungNoise Insulation

Noise insulation is much more complicated than pure acoustic improvement or resonance removal.



Schaumstoff montieren How to mount foam

You can easily mount foam because it is very light compared to other materials



Schaumstoff schneiden Cutting Foam

Different ways to cut foam