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Computer and Server

With computers and servers, the fans which are necessary for ventilation or the rattling of the hard disks are often disruptive. The frequency range here is in the medium to high range. We recommend accordingly that you install our absorber made of Basotect, PurPlan or rebond foams either inside the computer (the thicker the sheets, the better the insulation) or to mount them outside, for example, on the wall or ceiling on which the fans radiate, if you cannot insulate inside because there is not enough space. You can also absorb the sound of the housing of the computer or server with our bitumen board by adhering these sheets as a first layer under the foam inside or outside the housing.

If the fans radiate on the wall or ceiling, adhere pyramid foams, with which the sound waves are attenuated, directly above, next to or behind the server.

Ascertain which fire protection you must meet. If you may use only flame-retardant materials, only our Basotect foams may be used here. If you have no regulations here, it still makes sense to use at least flame-resistant foam because the close proximity of the electrical system is not without risks



Häufige FragenFAQ

Here, you will find the most frequently   asked questions by customers 



BrandschutzFire Protection

Fire protection is an important issue when   installing acoustic foam sheets.



HallreduzierungnResoance Reduction

The quality of the acoustic foam is largely responsible for its absorption behaviour.



LärmdämmungNoise Insulation

Noise insulation is much more complicated than pure acoustic improvement or resonance removal.



Schaumstoff montieren How to mount foam

You can easily mount foam because it is very light compared to other materials



Schaumstoff schneiden Cutting Foam

Different ways to cut foam