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Language Booth and Vocal Booth

The reduction of resonance in the room interior is particularly important for language or vocal booths so that natural effects cannot be heard if possible on recordings. You can use almost all our acoustic foams for this purpose. You should ask yourself the following to limit your selection: Should the sheets be bright (like, for example, our Basotect foams or ester foams in bright grey or white) so that the room lighting is not noticeably darkened, or are less expensive anthracite sheets also sufficient? Do you want a high level of fire protection because technical devices are nearby or is that not important to you? Depending on whether the foam should be flame-resistant or flame-retardant or if it is not important, you can also use normal flammable sheets, which are cheaper again. We recommend a sheet thickness of 2 cm to 4 cm. This is sufficient for speech or singing to optimise the room acoustics.

If you want to insulate outward noise, please read our guide “Insulating Walls and Ceilings”.



Häufige FragenFAQ

Here, you will find the most frequently   asked questions by customers 



BrandschutzFire Protection

Fire protection is an important issue when   installing acoustic foam sheets.



HallreduzierungnResoance Reduction

The quality of the acoustic foam is largely responsible for its absorption behaviour.



LärmdämmungNoise Insulation

Noise insulation is much more complicated than pure acoustic improvement or resonance removal.



Schaumstoff montieren How to mount foam

You can easily mount foam because it is very light compared to other materials



Schaumstoff schneiden Cutting Foam

Different ways to cut foam