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To insulate the resonance in the stairwell, you need either our bright and fireproof Basotect acoustic foams, or the less expensive PUR foams if it is irrelevant that the rooms are somewhat darkened. You require flame-retardant foams made of Basotect plane, decor, pyramid or, if the fire protection regulations are not too high, you also have the option of our  PurSinus convoluted sheets, PurPyr pyramid sheets or PurPlan plane foam sheets. The frequencies here are in the medium to high range - thus a plate thickness of  3 - 5 cm is sufficient for you. Ideally, adhere the plates directly to the ceiling above the stairs. The more you line here, the quieter the stairwell will be. You should not adhere the foam to the walls because it could be damaged by persons who use the stairwell and may touch the walls. The sheets are out of reach, however, on the ceiling.

If the stairwell is very high and space is available, you can also suspend our cylinder or baffle made of Basotect from the ceiling.


Häufige FragenFAQ

Here, you will find the most frequently   asked questions by customers 



BrandschutzFire Protection

Fire protection is an important issue when   installing acoustic foam sheets.



HallreduzierungnResoance Reduction

The quality of the acoustic foam is largely responsible for its absorption behaviour.



LärmdämmungNoise Insulation

Noise insulation is much more complicated than pure acoustic improvement or resonance removal.



Schaumstoff montieren How to mount foam

You can easily mount foam because it is very light compared to other materials



Schaumstoff schneiden Cutting Foam

Different ways to cut foam