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Insulating Devices of All Types

The procedure for insulating devices of all types is often very similar.  It does not matter whether it is ventilation, a compressor, pumps or other loud devices.

You enclose the loud device (thus build a new casing from wood, plastic or metal around the device) and then line the inside of this casing again with our rebond foam (the thicker, the better the insulation, but not under 4 cm thick). Ideally, first adhere our heavy foil around the casing to absorb its sound and then the rebond foam. Our strong mounting adhesive or Winfix foam adhesive is used. This enables you to already achieve a very strong insulation.

If you are concerned about building a new casing, you require enough space in the device itself to adhere the aforementioned construction. Note, however, that the version with the casing is often more secure because many devices cannot become significantly warm or hot.

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Häufige FragenFAQ

Here, you will find the most frequently   asked questions by customers 



BrandschutzFire Protection

Fire protection is an important issue when   installing acoustic foam sheets.



HallreduzierungnResoance Reduction

The quality of the acoustic foam is largely responsible for its absorption behaviour.



LärmdämmungNoise Insulation

Noise insulation is much more complicated than pure acoustic improvement or resonance removal.



Schaumstoff montieren How to mount foam

You can easily mount foam because it is very light compared to other materials



Schaumstoff schneiden Cutting Foam

Different ways to cut foam